“Every child has a glimmer of hope”, GLIM was founded to instil in children, young people and families a sense of hope. Hope that they can achieve greatness in whatever it is they choose to put their mind and energy into. With some help and support from positive role models and mentors in their communities, we aim to provide guidance, leadership and inspiration to motivate them. Early intervention is one of our core beliefs, providing mentoring and

counselling to those in need, whilst prioritising mental wellbeing, these are the foundations GLIM is built on.

GLIM exists to give communities it works with opportunities and experiences that will enable them to grow and to develop in ways they didn’t realise were possible or accessible to them. At GLIM we listen to the needs of the community.

We understand that our children and young people face difficult times and we strive to help and support them. Much of our work involves children and young people with challenging behaviour we use our positive behaviour management system to support them, whilst engaging with children through mentoring, counselling, enrichment clubs, youth led projects and early intervention.  Our passion for supporting the mental wellbeing of children and young people is paramount.

GLIM is constantly evolving to meet the ever changing needs of the communities and schools it operates in. We are here for you.

GLIM mentoring work in partnership with the schools across the borough to provide young people with learning mentors
Mikael Cohen

How we started


My name is Mikael Cohen, founder GLIM. I started the organisation because I had a passion to help children and young people achieve greatness by fulfilling their potential and overcoming the challenges that face them.

I am very honoured to say that I have had the privilege to have watched so many children and young people become positive, responsible members of their community as a direct effect of having me as their mentor and role model. Hearing them speak and share how their experiences and knowledge gained from our work together has been the main reason they were able to succeed feels me with an unrivalled sense of pride. By overcoming adversities on their journey, and using the GLIM core values to help them through many have decided they would also like to give back to their community, becoming the first generation of young leaders.

I envision a community where every child has access to nurturing relationships from professionals that can relate and understand them. GLIM was created to give children and young people hope and confidence, reassuring them that there are many ways to achieve greatness and realise their own potential. So many children and young people do not get the early help needed such as mentoring and counselling their mental wellbeing suffers.

I believe early intervention that can tackle these issues and reduce children being misdiagnosed and falling into negative behaviour patterns that leave them ill-equipped and unable to cope.  GLIM was created to help plug that gap by giving young people a voice and a chance to achieve. “Every child has a glimmer of hope”


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